Adedolapo Ayediran

Office Locations:
Denville, NJ
Corpus Christi, TX

OTHER Providers

Dr. Ted and I are the only known OJW*: Weight Control providers among the dental professionals. I along side with Dr. Ted are actively trying to recruit more providers. Since OJW*: Weight Control providers can be done by anyone who can put on a bracket and work with wire, we are working on expanding the community of OJW*: Weight Control providers through one-on-one sessions and group presentations aimed at sharing Dr. Ted's method and offering his expertise on the protocol which he invented and continues to develop.

The Dental Professionals trained in OJW*: Weight Control must pass a vigorous test after which they receive a certificate of competency Dr. Ted has posted many many articles in the OJW* Group for Dental Professionals, Facebook and, and likewise at his private Facebook page for OJW* patients. The role of Dental Professionals in treating weight-control issues is addressed in a major article written and published on by Dr. Ted. Dr. Ted presented his work at the 2017 Clinical Nutrition Conference in Rome, Italy and at the meeting of the American of Orthodontists in Washington, DC and Paris, Fr.

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