What is OJW*: Weight Control?

“OJW*” is an acronym for Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for the purpose of Weight Control, especially for those who eat "compulsively under emotional stress". Under my OJW*forWeightControl protocol, using standard orthodontic brackets, your jaw is wired in to its normal "rest" position and is being suspended not by the wires but by the muscles of mastication. The wiring simply prevents you from opening any further than that.

Indeed, speech is remarkably unaffected. At the end of saying "Emma" It is likely you are in that position. Consequently, you are limited to a liquid diet while your jaw remains suspended in its natural, stable position.​Every four-five weeks the wiring is removed by you to allow your jaw to resume its total uninhibited movement for four to five days and is rewired by me when possible and by you otherwise, for another four-five week period.

Those who adhere closely to this protocol will inevitably lose 25-30 pounds every 3 months when they adhere to a low-calorie liquid diet. OJW* patients must elect a goal weight at commencement.

The Scope of Dentistry does not permit Dental professionals to diagnose Overweight/Obesity. Therefore you are obliged to provide me with a simple note from your Primary Care Provider (PCP) indicating that you are at liberty to begin a long-term, low-calorie liquid diet.

OJW* is not for everyone and success with OJW* is not guaranteed. I try to select candidates on the basis of whether I believe they are likely to be successful with this approach to weight control.

For more information, see OJWforWeightControl.com/faqs