Who is a good candidate?

Invented & Developed since 1998 by WHO is a good candidate for OJW*? If you're looking for a safe and effective method to get your weight under control and you are eating compulsively based emotions, and you see the risks of bariatric surgery & weight-loss medications as anathema, then you could be a candidate for OJW*:

  • Your BMI is between 28 and 38
  • Have failed at previous methods of weight control
  • You are looking to jump-start an attainable weight-loss goal.
  • Consider weight-loss medications out of the question and Weight-reduction gastric surgery too risky.
  • Have failed at previous other weight-control method
  • Finally, are eating "mindlessly" when you're not hungry or experiencing Binge -Eating-Disorder (BED)

Then OJW* could be the right choice for you; Make up your mind to,